Multiple Erosion Models & Comparison

PERMiT allows you to predict and compare erosion rates across six different erosion models namely, API, DNV, Jordan-ECRC, Salama, Salama-Venkatesh and ECRC. These are widely accepted empirical models used across the Oil & Gas industry.

Analyze various Piping Components

PERMiT allows the user to predict and compare erosion rates for various piping components. The component being analyzed is represented graphically for better understanding.

Comprehensive Parametric Analysis

The unique feature of PERMiT is its ability to calculate and compare erosion rates using multiple erosion models for a range of pipe sizes, piping components, flow rates, fluid properties etc. in one analysis. Various piping components can be selected at the same time and input parameters can be specified. The erosion rate units can be changed as per user convenience after the results are calculated.

Perform Sensitivity Studies

PERMiT enables user to create sensitivity plots for various parameters. A constant parameter and a sensitivity parameter can be specified to study the effect of the sensitivity parameters on erosion rates for various values of constant parameter.

Library of Experimental Data

PERMiT allows easy access to the compiled, published / proprietary experimental database. It helps compare model results with experimental data for various piping components. The component being analyzed is represented graphically for better understanding.

Plot and Superimpose operating envelope curves

PERMiT allows the user to generate velocity boundary plots/operating envelope curves using different erosion models. These can then be superimposed for easy comparison.

Intuitive GUI

PERMiT uses an easy to understand interface. It makes selection of the various parameters simple and straightforward. Based on the inputs specified by the user, an inbuilt database locates and selects the correct model specific parameter values. If a specific model is not applicable then it is grayed out.
Certain input parameters accept range of values, thus allowing user to analyze & compare over range of values in one go, saving lot of time in carrying out & managing multiple repetitive calculations. Additionally, user has the flexibility with choice of Unit System parameters input.

Several Usability Features

PERMIT hosts several usability features which make erosion analysis easier and effective.
Caution Notes or Warning Messages which are displayed when user exceeds the acceptable range, preventing the user from entering incorrect information.
PERMiT allows the user to export the data and subsequent plots to excel. These can be saved for further analysis and / or future reference.
Inbuilt materials database allows the user to calculate erosion rates and plot the operating envelopes for various type of materials.

Standard Pipe Schedules and Sizes Chart

PERMiT allows user to select pipe sizes and schedule from the database. has a predefined set of parameters as per the standard piping schedules and sizes chart. These are used across the industry.