What are the benefits of PERMiT?

You are enabled to

  • Predict and evaluate erosion rates
  • Generate operating envelope to stay within acceptable erosion limits
  • Identify optimal operating conditions
  • Avoid premature pipeline failure
  • Increase the lifecycle of the production systems
  • Share knowledge across your enterprise
  • Use Data (field, lab) effectively to drive Decisions
Which PERMiT modules are available?

Calculate Erosion Rates: PERMiT allows the user to calculate erosion rates for the selected empirical erosion models. Various operating conditions and field scenarios can be evaluated to predict the erosion rates. In addition, the user has an option of calculating results according to the inbuilt standard piping schedules and sizes.

Plot Erosion Operating Envelopes and Graphs: PERMiT allows the user to specify erosion limits and generate operating envelope curves to stay within those limits. Sensitivity plots to understand how various parameters impact erosion for a given production scenario can be generated using different erosion models. These can be superimposed for easy comparison.

Compare Model Predictions with Lab and/or Field Data: PERMiT has an inbuilt compilation of published lab and field data. An organization’s proprietary lab data and field data can also be included in this database. This database feature allows for a very easy comparison of model predictions with experimental data. It allows the operators to drive decisions using both data and models in a seamless manner. The users can export the data and analyze it further in Excel.

Is PERMiT free trial available?

Yes, a free trial is available to evaluate the software capabilities. Should you wish to use it on an active project, we recommend a short term project license or an annual license.

How to register with PERMiT?
How is PERMiT licensed?

Node Locked License for a single user and a Network Floating License for a multi-user setup is available. This is an annual license.

Is PERMiT support available?

Yes, you can avail 24/7 PERMiT support – Click here.

How does support work?

PERMiT users can log into the support portal and submit their queries. This is answered by the support team using the support portal or through emails. Web Meetings are also arranged as required.

Do the existing PERMiT users get the benefit of updated PERMiT version?

Yes, they do.

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